A City and its Characters

A city is a collection of fascinating identities. This series re-addresses the archetypal portrayal of the city as bleak and unintimate. By blurring and resetting the backdrops the subjects draw attention to themselves without encroaching on the original context. They are viewed as whole subjects without the taint of negative stereotypes. Almost life like, they represent snapshot moments amidst the frenetic pace of city life. In Lagos, energy is a thread weaving through the cities inhabitants as they hustle for social ascendancy and economic relevance. The contours of their aspirations tuned to the background as multicolour blurs, indistinct but effective. Stirring observers to their state of isolation.

FINISH: DIASEC mounting –
Diasec is a method of preservation of photographic images. The mounting process uses no glue instead it utilises a special liquid chemical to create adhesion between the three components in the composite. The face of the image adheres chemically to the back of a transparent Plexiglas and the image back to a rigid aluminum sheet. The process ensures the absence of dust particles or air bubbles with no traces of glue. The front face of the plexiglas filters ultraviolet light and avoids discoloration of the image. The final artwork is a guaranteed Museum quality finish with image longevity of over 70 years.

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