Flags and conflict (lightbox series)

Out of the brutality of war comes this simple gesture of reflection, remembrance, and commemoration. The series, explores the intricate relationships of nations at war or in conflict, the coalitions they form through allegiances and the cost in human lives lost. The works are made up of flags arranged in a cascade of concentric circles, resembling the form of mandalas – a spiritual symbol representing the universe or a microcosm of it. They are made either as parings showing both the insurgent and the belligerent sides of the conflict or as singular constructions with both warring factions. Each piece showcases nations who cooperate in the military, diplomatic, or intelligence campaign along with those who fight or fund the war efforts of one side of the other. Flags and conflict pieces cover a range of conflicts from WW1 to present day conflicts like Nigeria’s internal struggle with the “Boko Haram” insurgency

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