Weaves (lightbox series)

A criss cross pattern of horizontal and vertical stratifications of vibrant colours make up Weaves. The source reference for Weaves is the traditional Nigerian fabric; “Aso Oke”. The stratification motif of the fabric has been transformed into an expressive art form. Simulating the three traditional dyes used to create this cloth; Alaari (a rich red color), Sanyan (a sepia brown color) and Etu (a dark blue color); these source colours have been combined and blended to create a distinct derivative spectrum of innumerable colors. The colours are digitally stitched into weaves to create a variety of designs in horizontal striations, as if produced on a traditional loom. These designs are in turn enhanced through the addition of texture and depth. They are then digitally interwoven like traditional weaves, to create the final pieces. Embodying striking juxtaposition of colour and contrasts; the outcome are pieces that are physically powerful with an array of intense, vibrant and energetic colour.

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